Customer Incentives

Why is travel the best reward for purchases?
Well, cash is quickly spent and forgotten, most people enjoy their annual holiday so if they are able to purchase your product and get their holiday FREE what better incentive. The holidays can also be used for Lucky Dips, Prize Draws, or Auctions.


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Make more Sales

The Kololi Customer Incentive Program enables companies to give Holiday’s with their products, giving your sales team the edge over competitors and the opportunity to make more sales.
An added bonus is that improvement in morale and team spirit always follows. Giving away Kololi Holidays with your products or services will increase sales and your bottom line.

Incentive Travel

Travel – whether within the U.K. or overseas is perceived as a great motivator – our experienced team will be more than pleased to highlight the possibilities available to you for just such programmes. We can be involved in the conceptual planning with regard to implementation and monitoring of results or merely supplying the award medium of the trip itself.

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