About The Gambia

The Gambia may be mainland Africa’s smallest nation, but it offers a much-varied landscape, featuring sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, swamps, marshes and large areas of wooded savannah. The River Gambia, one of Africa's great waterways, dominates the country, and The Gambia’s parks, reserves and riverbanks are a major draw for ecotourists as they harbour monkeys, crocodiles, a small population of hippos and well over 500 bird species. Holidays in The Gambia are very competitively priced compared to other destinations. Sitting outside of the Eurozone The Gambia is also unaffected by the downturn of sterling versus the Euro. In fact, the Dalasi exchange rate is virtually the same as it was about two years ago! Although The Gambia is in West Africa it is under 6 hours from UK and, surprisingly, there is no time difference - you can be by the pool or in the sea on the same day.

Gambia Sightseeing

Whilst The Gambia might only be a tiny sliver of a country, there are still a great number of tourist attractions worth visiting. Some of these are historic sites which date back to the slave trade and the country's colonial heritage. According to Alex Haley's novel Roots, the Gambia River provided one of the clues that helped him trace his American family history back to Africa.